Business In Wensleydale

There is a wide range of business activity in Wensleydale from those operating internationally and nationally, to specialist manufacturers, communications and IT companies, farmers, food production, horse racing, visitor attractions, accommodation providers and many interesting, individual shops and businesses.

Part of Wensleydale falls within the Yorkshire Dales National Park but the whole of dale is equally special offering a unique variety of places to do business from new town centres, business parks, market towns, live-work spaces, converted country estate properties and trading estates. The district has a skilled workforce with many young people returning to the area after training.

There is a wealth of business advice and support available in the area whether you have an established business looking to grow, are just setting out on a new venture or have an idea to discuss. 

Join the Lower Wensleydale Business Network

If we harness the knowledge, experience and strength of local businesses we can create opportunities that will benefit not only our own businesses but also the whole local community. - Richard Sanderson, Chairman of the Lower Wensleydale Business Network

The New Lower Wensleydale Business Network has been established to:
  • Support the development of existing businesses.
  • Promote the establishment of new businesses.Develop and promote a business friendly environment.
Being a member of the New Lower Wensleydale Business Network provides many advantages to your business and the local business environment.
  • Access to a member only web site and administration office
  • Up to date information on business related issues provided by the business research team via:
  • Alert Notices circulating information from the Police, Fire, Medical and Veterinary Services.
  • News items on the web site and via newsletters.
  • Briefing Papers
  • Regular up to date business information on business related subjects provided by appropriate professionals with questions, answers and discussion via:
  • Briefing Events
  • Workshop Events
  • The opportunity for members to showcase their own businesses to other members and discuss business issues in a relaxed and friendly environment via:
  • Network events
  • # Dales News every Tuesday night.
  • Facilitated discussions to gather the views of members on business related issues and the business environment via:
  • Discussion Events
  • Individual business advice from professionals via:
  • Popup Advice Events
  • Information and discussion on national and international business related policies via:
  • Conference Events
  • Showcasing your business via:
  • Free inclusion in our Business Directory
  • Profiles of your business via our B2B project.
Be part of an organisation which has the strength to voice your opinions via working links to:
  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • The Federation of Small Businesses
  • The Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Police, Fire, Medical and Veterinary Services
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • Other local business associations
But that’s not all. The Lower Wensleydale Business Network is also taking a leading role in:
  • Developing a workable Apprenticeship Scheme for our young people and local small businesses.
  • Providing career advice and opportunities for our young people.
  • Encouraging the development of businesses via the Business Awards
  • Shaping the business environment for the future
So why don’t you become a member of the New Lower Wensleydale Business Network and not only enjoy all these benefits but contribute to the future of the whole community.

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